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Info Maniacs                                     Lead/Tiara                                         Red Lion Production

Rock House                                       Lead/Rock star                                  Burau Kelson Group

Fallen Roses                                      Co-lead/Wife                                     MCAD

Honesty                                             Co-lead/AAA Counselor                  Pro Media Production

The Last Crip                                     Co-lead/Wife                                     MCAD

Upper Cut Café the Movie               Supporting/Hottie 2                          Upper Cut Production

Open                                                   Supporting                                         New Wave Production

The Show So Gay                             Featured /Senator                               Equilibrum Production

My place in the Horror                     under 5                                               Duly Noted Inc.

WeHo (West Hollywood)                Supporting/Homeless actress

The Taste                                           Lead/Kiara                                         Togolese Production

Prodigal                                             Supporting/Police officer                 Lost Coin Production

Unlawful Passion                              Starring/FBI Agent                           AD Film Productions       

“TH3M”                                             Lead/Nicole                                       XJure Production

The Statue of David                          FBI Investigator                                Caspian Tred-well Owen

Bahamian Son                                   Young/older mother

MENAGE                                                              Party Girl

Just A Show                                       Principal                                            Keith King Production

Model TV                                          Principal/model                                 ACE Production

Seeing Stars                                       Feature                                               Ricky Kalmon Production

Michael Jackson re-enactment trial       Extra                                                   E! Entertainment Tonight

Modern Men                                     Extra                                                   WB

DJ Cooley                                          Hosting                                              Cooley Production

Club Night Countdown                    Hosting                                              YHOG Inc.

Vizionary Entertainment                  Hosting                                              Glamlife Entertainment

Goin to Church (Web series)           Principal


Shelter                                                Anjenette                                           Pangea World Theater

Dreaming for Real                            Mom/Mrs. Hopkins                          Climb Theater

The many rejections of C. Waters   Victoria Gage                                    Brave New Workshop

Under cardiac arrest                          Amanda Priggs                                  Mr. Mystery Production

TWO                                                   Caller                                                 Limina Theater

For the record                                    Angel                                                  Climb Theater

Caribbean cruise scandal                  Mrs. Patricia Gather                          Mr. Mystery Production

No sex in the city                              Bambi                                                 Limina Theater


Radisson Hotel                                  Customer                                           Sound Check Inc.

MBA Realty                                      Mother                                               Comcast Cable Network

Best Buy                                            Customer                                           Sound Check Production

HOM Furniture                                 Customer                                           Flying Colors

Argosy University                            Principal                                            Greer & Associates

Invergrove Community College      Student                                               Comcast Cable Network

Game Day                                          Wife                                                   Comcast Cable Network

Detroit Pistons                                  Fan                                                      Drive Thru Production

Daily Printing                                    Manager                                             Blue 60 Production

Crisis Nursery                                   Mother                                               Prodigy Production

Psoriasis                                             Co-worker                                         Pixelle8 Media

Gordman’s                                         Mom


Southern dialect, softball, basketball, roller-skating, camping, improv, work well with children